Longing for Gathered Worship

During this time of “at home church” several thoughts have come to mind:

I am so thankful for so many churches stepping it up to continue to spiritually feed their congregations. 

I have missed gathering and hearing the congregation join in praise. If you’ve never stood in front of a congregation bellowing out praise to their Savior- WOW!  It’s something absolutely beautiful.

This point has led to much prayer: I struggle with worrying about the church finding comfort in their homes and not growing in the unity of the church.

This day we are in is so strange. I mean, we can worship, learn, and grow in our homes or via other forms of technology.  But, how many will grow comfortable in this?  How many will grow accustomed to waking up whenever and just doing life alone?

Iain Duguid wrote:  “Why can’t we worship just as well in the front of the TV set, where the music and the preaching may well be more inspiring?  The reason is that as the covenant community, together we are the new temple…. There is something about corporate worship which is not present in individual worship, and that “something” is a fuller expression of the reality of God’s presence.”

I know we are still slowly working our way back into gathering, and I completely understand some aren’t yet able to join in person. To that, I am thankful sermons and gatherings are right at our finger tips. But I pray that over the next few months believers remember the reason we gather! We gather to grow in Christ together and to glorify our Savior. We gather to grow in unity and to live life together. We gather to serve!  We all have so many amazing gifts that are needed!!!  Your gift encourages others in the body to serve!!!  Never believe you are not needed in the body of Christ or that it is not noticed when you aren’t there.

As a body, we all need each other in this journey!

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